Although my primary artistic expression is through sound, I have found visual art and writing to be an unexpected creative release. I paint, draw, design cards and write grownup children's books and poetry. 

I began selling my pieces a few years ago and work off of commission. I paint mostly animals, but sometimes gnomes, flowers and pirates. I also design holiday cards and place cards and have supplied many weddings, dinner party and holiday card needs. 

Take a look at my gallery and from there, imagine something awesome and I can probably make for you.  If anything catches your fancy, I also manufacture prints of pre-existing works. My mediums include acrylics for paintings and colored pencil and ink for cards and drawings.


Prints: start at $50
Paintings: Start at $150
Cards: prices vary depending on quantity, variety and intricacy.


Upcoming: I'm writing a book about ideologies.  And animals (surprise!).  I won't reveal too much but it's an A-Z guide starting with an anarchist anteater.