The life of a classical musician is a wonderful and rewarding, but it can also be quite a stressful and unpredictable career path. We all have our ways of coping with stress, and mine has turned out to be yoga. A few years back a mentor of mine suggested I "try yoga" to help me "chill out". Being a type A person who operated at about a million miles an hour, this really ticked me off.  However, once I got over my initial reaction (which i realized was the antithesis of zen), I dragged myself to a yoga class. And then I went again... and again, and again. 

That was about 8 years ago, and since then yoga has become and integral part of my life in many surprising and unexpected ways. I started to notice how the practice affected my life in not only in a physical way, but also on mental and spiritual levels. Yoga started being about connecting to myself truthfully and reconciling how to live authentically in the world. After watching how this practice was transforming my personal, physical and musical life, I decided that I wanted to teach yoga... and luckily being a yoga teacher complements my life as a musician quite nicely. 

I'm RYT 500 hour certified from Pure Yoga with a specialization in yoga therapeutics. My mentors include Miles Borrero, Kay Kay Clivo, Yogi Charu, Dana Slamp. I have additional training in advanced asana, sound therapy, yoga therapeutics and mantra. I also believe in incorporating meditation, philosophical study and teaching in the asana practice.  I teach at Chelsea Piers, Regenerate82 and privately. Send me a note if you want to work on your hand/head/forearm stands (it turns out life makes more sense to me upside down), want to meditate with me, OR if you just want to get together and chant.


My official yoga Resume and Biography can be found here (just click!), and flip through my gallery if you want to see me upside down.


Privates start at $110/ hour. 
*discounts are applied when buying private sessions in a package*
When the weather is nice I offer rooftop classes! Keep an eye out for those once it gets warm again!