I also teach singing - I specialize in vocal recovery and therapy, and my students have ranged from children to seniors. In my time at Juilliard and singing professionally, I’ve learned A LOT about vocal technique, voice care, and vocal stamina. And also what it means to have an instrument in your body, and the responsibility that comes along with that. My specific training in vocal therapy means that I will not let you or your child sing unhealthily.  I’ve studied extensively with several vocal pathologists and pedagogues to increase my understanding of how the voice anatomically functions and why it behaves the way it does. Across the board, injuries are far too frequent in singing and they are easily prevented with a safe and simple understanding of vocal technique. Many children start singing lessons too young or without proper supervision for a voice which is still developing.  By combining classical singing techniques and voice/speech therapy tools, I teach a healthy, natural technique that will ensure a life time of fun, easy singing.  Additionally, I apply my experience in acting, vocal literature, language, and poetry to create a well rounded and fun lessons.


Rates for singing lessons:
$85/ 45 minutes
*travel fees may apply*

I am very passionate about sharing my knowledge of the voice and vocal literature.  If circumstantial or financial hardships are preventing you from taking singing lessons, please let me know and I can try to work with you on a sliding scale.